Jersey Tourism

Finnish kayaking company plan kayak tours on Jersey
January and February may not seem like the best months to undertake an intensive sea kayak course in Jersey. However, if you are coming from Finland with minus temperatures and short days, Jersey probably seems semi-tropical.

Jersey Kayak Adventures director Derek Hairon is working with Peter and Sanna Forsstrom from Finnish sea kayaking company Kola Kayaking to develop their sea kayak skills, so they can run more advanced sea kayak tours and coaching courses in Finland.

While in Jersey, Peter has completed a range of British Canoe Union sea kayak awards, while Sanna is working towards her kayak coach award. Both have been exploring the superb coastline of Jersey by sea kayak. The advantage of training in Jersey is that there is a huge range of sea kayaking opportunities for all abilities and it is easy to select the best venues without having to travel long distances. ‘Internationally, British kayak awards are held in very high esteem, and having trained in Jersey, Peter and Sanna have spotted the fantastic advantages of the island’ said Derek Hairon.

The family are spending almost eight weeks in Jersey and have been impressed with the range of facilities and resources on such a small island. The island’s fresh produce and seafood have inspired Sanna to learn how to prepare seafood dishes – as a result of attending a master class organised by Daniel, the chef at Bracewell’s Restaurant in St Aubin. Peter’s one criticism of Jersey is that there is a serious lack of saunas. ‘It’s like your love of BBQ’s. In Finland everyone has a sauna and you can even buy portable ones’ said Peter.


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